We can do the following: 

​Produce Unique research, Publications and presentations on coastal issues, data and debates specialising in coastal inequality, regeneration projects, social capital creation/ destruction and political polling. We aim to present these finding through interesting, engaging, fun and informative publications and website pages. Our position will be framed by local case studies and data. 

Public Questionnaires and focus groups:


These could range from public events, local government performance, service performance, political opinions, opinions on local institutions and views on social issues.

Provide impartial and independent reviews: This includes the following: 

  • We carry out Literature Reviews on research and literature. We specifically focuses on reviewing literature and research on coastal regeneration, social capital literature (especially when focusing on coastal areas). 

  • Reviewing policies & their application:

  • This will deploy independent methods that look at policy impacts on coastal towns based on social, economic and geographical/historical facts. 


Skills set: 

Quantitative Skills:  Analysing large data sets and comprising this information in useful short summaries. We have the ability to identify trends, correlations and statistical relationships. We can also use R to utilise code that can produce info-graphics.


Qualitative Skills:  Hosting focus groups, interviewing individuals and issuing questionnaires in paper and online formats.

Presentation Skills: Gathering data, inputting data and producing readable outcomes. We also share the findings at public events.

Research & Publishing Skills: Carrying out original research and publishing this research.

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