James Prentice Director biography and personal experience.

  • I have lived in the Hastings and St Leonards area all my life, I attended local schools and colleges and have lived in the central ST Leonards are since 2000.

  • I am currently attending the University of Sussex aiming to gain a PhD with my research into political change in Britain since 2005, which focuses on statistical methods to measure political change.

  • I have recently finished my Masters Degree in Political Science which focused in Public Opinion. I am currently expecting to graduate with 70%+ (a distinction). In this degree I focused on developing more advances statistical techniques using R coding software. IN my dissertation I used many large N data-sets in analysing British political trends across the last couple of decades.

  • When I was 18 I went to Live and Study in Canterbury for three years, at the University of Kent. Where I went on to get 69% (a High 2:1) BA Hons Degree. Previous to this I took my A-Levels at Sussex Coast College Hastings, where I got 3 B grades (in Politics, History & ICT). ​

  • Whilst at University I became immersed in quantitative methods. I became very interested in inequality, social and local government/ community/ local politics and policy making. I am very keen in exploring how power can be devolved to these lower and more local units. 

  • During my university days I learnt about politics and statistics and I focused on lessons which had a statistical focus. This lead onto me having a statistical and analysis focus to my first published piece of work, my dissertation.

  • This led to my dissertation question, Is it possible that  community groups help improve local government performance? See our publications web page for more info.​

  • My dissertation also analysed large national survey data and compiled the findings into a smaller and easy to read presentation, which added to the literature it was based on, Social Capital.

  • I have also had experience in managing large amounts of data in my local government job as a county council administrator. I produced financial reports for managers who had to make financial based decisions in tough budget times. My figures summarised large amounts of data and projected future figures in a simplified format that could be read in meetings.

Chris Connelley Co-Director biography and personal experience

  • I am currently working on a PhD focusing on Coastal Gentrification and Coastal community change at Sussex University. My work particularly focuses on the Central St Leonards area within Hastings.

  • I have a first degree in Sociology and a MA with distinction in community organising, the dissertation for which was a comparative account of social capital formation in two east London communities.

  • I benefit from extended work experience in public, private and third sector environments, with a focus on higher education, outreach and training. This includes international experience delivering leadership development for senior faculty at the Gothenburg University.

  • I have significant experience developing survey and evaluation material, having evaluated over 500 learning programmes and events whilst Head of Staff Development at the London School of Economics from 1998-2010. I was also heavily designed in the design, analysis and feedback of three staff surveys at the LSE, sampling opinion amongst its audience of over 2000 staff. I have additional experience as a performance coach, focus group facilitator and public presenter.

  • Following a family relocation from London to Hastings in 2011, I have developed extensive networks across my adopted town. From 2013-14, I was the sole paid worker at the critically acclaimed 7 Streets Project, also serving as Chair of the St Leonards Town Team from 2014-16.

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