Who we are & What we do

Coastal Action is a small, flexible and creative not-for-profit research organisation that explores areas of coastal deprivation and change. We are currently based in the Hastings & Rye area. We are an entirely independent and voluntary research body committed to understanding political, social and economic change in these areas, whilst also creating policy suggestions for parties and public bodies. We are also committed to helping regeneration projects that aim to address, and ideally, reverse coastal deprivation problems. 

We pride ourselves on listening well, researching widely and generating impactful interventions that address important coastal deprivation issues.

We review existing research on coastal communities, covering the broadest range of economic, social and policy issues.

We aim to undertake original research, working with organisations and groups to generate focused research questions that are important to coastal towns in the South East, and sometimes, national area. 

We generate research for groups and organisations wanting to understand these areas better. This is undertaken in the following ways:

We deliver community listening projects and public opinion sampling using both quantitative and qualitative methods, to include significant size survey material and smaller scale interviewing/ focus groups. For instance, we undertook a Hastings&Rye constituency poll in the 2017 General election and accurately predicted a close race and a hung parliament nationally. We are currently exploring Remainer voting intentions in 2019. 

We support and evaluate community projects, to ensure they are set up in such a way to deliver well and to gauge impact. These evaluations are delivered in both presentation and written report formats.

We will provide high quality research and reports (policy documents) in all of our projects we work on.

For example, we are providing information and research for a new Hastings based community project, exploring the social and economic effects of "gentrification". 

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