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This Book contains a extensive in-depth analysis of the 2017 General Election result. It covers the changes that took place between the 2015 & 17' election, whilst also exploring how opinion changed during the campaign itself. This book achieves this through analysing data from the 2017 British Election Study. This book will be good for students studying British and electoral politics and will be highly useful for references in student essays. The books findings generally show that the EU and widening divisions on this issue were important in creating the unexpected close election result.  The book can be cited as "Prentice, James. 2019. The 2017 UK general election: The coming realignment, 1st ed. Hastings: Coastal Action". To go to the book download page click here, or on the picture above.

2017 General Election: The Coming Realignment?

Coming Soon! We are close to publishing a book studying social and economic change in a the small sea-side town of St Leonards on-Sea (Located in the Hastings&Rye constituency). You can send us a message if you are interested in this book and if you give us your email we will let you know when it comes out. 

Trendification Or Gentrification? A Coastal Case study

Social Capital book pic.PNG

This book is designed to expand upon the studies of Social Capital that Putnam published. In this book Putnam published evidence that Social Capital was decreasing in the late 20th Century. This book applies Putnam's ideas to the UK in the time period that broadly covers the next 10 years after Putnam's publication of Bowling Alone (2000). This study finds that Social Capital has broadly continued to decline and that Social Capital does help define the likelihood of certain outcomes within a given community. To download this study click here to go to the book's download page or on the picture above.


This book can be cited as "Prentice, James. 2017. Still Alone?: Social Capital in the UK 2005-2015. 1st ed. Hastings: Coastal Action".

Still Alone?: Social Capital in the UK 2005-2015

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The book focuses on a way forward for the UK Labour Party. This book estimates that old fashioned left-wing politics will not win power, nor will it provide the solutions many people are looking for. The book accepts that many people are looking to have a sense of greater control over  of their, their families' and their community's future. In essence people are looking for a greater sense of freedom for themselves and the wider community. This book explores a neither left nor right approach through exploring a series of reforms that could provide solutions to our problems, whilst also giving people the control they demand.  This broad approach can also be associated with Blue Labour theories. This book can be cited as "Prentice, James. 2018. Give Me Liberty! 1st ed. Hastings: Coastal Action." Click Here or on the picture above to go to the book download site.

Give Me Liberty

Coming Soon! The PhD Thesis I have been working on will be finished and hopefully published by the University of Sussex soon. If you are interested in reading this when it comes out you can drop us a message and leave us your email and we will notify you as soon as the thesis is published. 

The Decade of Realignment: Political Change 2010-2019 

WW1 - Irrational Nations.PNG

This book was created in order to explore the causes of the First World War through the use of modern political theories. International relations, meaning the political interaction between nations, was hugely relevant in the build up to events that can be argued to have created the WW1. However, despite this many political theorists have not applied their understanding of nations' relations to historical events such as this. This book combines the disciplines of History and Politics to provide a fresh look at how the WW1 came into being. It primarily uses the theory of the tragedy of the Commons to explain how nations perceived self-interest could have led to a war that damaged all. Click Here or the picture to download.

This book can be cited as "Prentice, James. 2017. The Irrational Nations: The cause of WW1, rational self-Interested nations?  1st ed. Hastings: Coastal Action".

The Irrational Nations The cause of WW1

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