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Alastair Creamer:


Alastair Creamer is the co-founder of Eyes Wide Opened (EWO) and the Director of Creamer & Sundt, a consultancy which brings creativity into business to address issues around culture, communication and leadership.  He started out as a musician but gave it all up when he was 21 and has since had 4 careers and 15 jobs over 36 years.  He has moved between big business (Sainsbury’s, Unilever), the arts (Blackheath Halls, Aldeburgh Festival, Chicken Shed Theatre) and higher education (Dean of the London College of Music and Media). He founded Creamer & Sundt in 2006 and EWO in 2012.  

Hastings Festival: How to reinvent yourself


We all find ourselves at a crossroads at some point in our lives.  For some, it’s an exciting opportunity to follow a new path.  For others this can be a time of confusion, anxiety and exhaustion.  


Whether you’re excited or confused, a change can be a time for reflection and reinvention.  So, who do you want to be?  What skills, qualities, interests and beliefs do you already have that can underpin your reinvention?


If we’re faced with change, sometimes we get stuck in a rut – we see the world, and ourselves, in a certain light and it’s hard to shift that view.  My job is to nudge you out of that rut! 


Eyes Wide Opened is a coaching programme that helps you discover more about yourself, starting from what you’re good at and what you love doing.  All of us have a unique combination of skills and experiences, character and values.  What’s your unique combination?

"Tattoo: An Art History"


A magazine article on the hottest new trends in tattooing in London reads:

“All sorts of people are doing it – lecturers, housewives, skinheads, architects, pop stars and sailors; the old and the young, all classes and sexes. If the very word ‘tattoo’ makes you think of a) servicemen, b) Victorian freak shows, c) sleazy pornography, d) the Exotic East or e) hepatitis, you’re out of date! Tattooing, after centuries of shame, is moving upmarket.”

Strangely, this paragraph wasn’t written for a style blog in 2017, when it seems that tattooing is ever-present and all around us, but 35 years ago, in 1982, for City Life Magazine. The media have been reporting on this ‘new’ and surprising trend for a very long time indeed!


This talk will tell the stories of the long and unbroken tradition of tattooing in this country, and the men and women who have kept the trade alive even as it waxed and waned in the public’s appreciation. It will track over 400 years of history, frequently citing media reports of this strange and fleeting fad that is always new and always strange to those journalists who deign to write about it. Every decade from the 1880s onwards, the media have reported that tattooing is now “not just for sailors”. With a continuous history spanning several centuries, tattooing might be the longest-lasting ‘craze’ ever recorded!" Quote from Dr Matt Lodder: Dr Matt Lodder is the leading Tattoo History expert in Britain."

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St Leonard's Festival Event- Kino, 1st July 2017, 2PM- 4PM, Norman Road, St Leonard's - On -sea, East Sussex.

Event: History of the Tattoo (Dr Matt Lodder) & Motivational speaker Alistair Creamer.

The Event will include a inspirational talk from a great and well experienced motivational speaker, Alistair Creamer.

After this a presentation and short lecture by the leading expert of the History of British Tattoos, Dr Matt Lodder, will be given.


Tickets cost £6, which can be purchased from the Kino Cinema, found on Norman Road, St Leonards  on Sea.

The Event will run on the same day as the St Leonards Festival to help support this community event gain a wider audience than last year.

Tickets for this event are much cheaper than usual, only £6, so this will be the one chance to go to this type of event at a community festival price! 

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